DYNA SC-12 Firewood Processor

Accurately measuring and wrapping firewood can be a difficult chore. Our DYNA Firewood bundlers quickly wrap 12" to 24" long firewood bundles. A great way to package your small firewood pieces for campgrounds, gas stations, and gourmet markets. It also adds security for better bundle handling. Air drying is better facilitated by open end bundling. Remember to add your labels to the packaging to brand your bundles.

The DYNA PRODUCTS line of Firewood Processors are extremely well designed, with the Firewood Professional in mind. Processing Firewood is a demanding job, and can be very labor intensive. Our just is to make that job easier, faster, and more productive! That old adage that "Time is Money" comes into play in this business more than any other, and with DYNA Firewood Processing Equipment, you will spend less time making more money, and we strive to keep it that way!

When you combine a DYNA Firewood Processor, Conveyor and Bundler, you have a winning team of equipment behind you. Our equipment is solid, and we stand behind it... period.

  • Processor Models to Meet Any Need
  • Conveyors to Match the Processors Production
  • Bundlers for Easy Packaging of Firewood Bundles
  • Solid Equipment Design
  • The DYNA Team to Stand Behind It!

Bottom line... if you are in the Firewood business, you need to take a close look at the DYNA Processor line. We want your business for life!